After the Snow Falls

Me thinking about design and life.

You know how dirty and ugly the roads and sidewalks get after the snow starts to melt? Those of us here in Seattle and vicinity have just emerged from a big snow event, and it’s not looking too pretty out there right now.

Although I love the snow,  I am reminded of why I love living in the Northwest when its gone. So much green, mild climate and no snow! 

But forced to spend several days inside, I decided to Marie Kondo  my closet, and I am inspired to share my experience with you. If you haven’t yet turned on to Marie she is worth checking out, I think she will change your physical relationship with stuff.

Speaking of stuff, most of my career in Design has been spent either helping folks divest themselves of stuff they no longer want or need or acquiring new stuff. Marie emboldens  us to check into our relationship with our stuff and determine if it  brings us joy. Did you keep that jacket that someone gave you because it belonged to her Mom and it kind of looked good you, but you only wore it once? How about that white denim jacket hanging in the closet that could have been in a Beatles movie? 

Same with your household items. If that antique desk you inherited from your Gram is taking up too much space why not re-purpose it to a worthy cause such as a political campaign or a fledgling business in need of furniture. Divest! Expunge! Clear the space you live in for attracting new energy!